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Mircorfiber Liner for Cloth Diaper (Pack of 2)

Mircorfiber Liner for Cloth Diaper (Pack of 2)

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Polka Tots Baby Nappies are reusable cotton nappies. These inner nappies are eco-friendly and soft, allowing your baby's tender skin to breathe freely. These are the best for your baby's skin and also are leakage protection.​

Work excellent with diaper covers as a Daytime Diapering Solution.

It is easy to clean, reusable, machine washable, and fast to dry.

This is a high-quality 3-layered insert thereby ensuring a longer dry period for your baby since it is soft and absorbs water, it also avoids rashes.

Insert Dimension: 34 x 13


*This product is non-returnable.

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