This is Our Story- POLKA TOTS 💙

Polka Tots was created from a genuine place of love before
anything else, from a father and an uncle who wanted the absolute best for the
most special girl in their lives!

After thoroughly scrutinizing the whole market for the best
products for the best girl, our founders recognized a dearth of good quality,
reasonably priced baby essentials in the market. Hence, what began as a
shopping spree eventually turned into a quest to provide high-quality products
in the best possible materials in aesthetically pleasing and functional
designs. Giving life to practical and functional designs to make your lives
easier has always been a constant source of inspiration for us. This is exactly
how Polka Tots came into existence!

We, at Polka Tots, are thrilled to be a part of the most
transformative journey of your life- Parenthood. With a wide range of products
ranging from bibs to strollers to car seats to high chairs to fashionable
clothes for your little fashionistas and everything in between, we want to be
there for all of it so that you’re at ease!

Here’s where we stand as a brand in terms of our beliefs-

Parenting made affordable- We know as parents you’d want the
absolute best for your little piece of heart, but also without burning a hole
in your pockets. That’s exactly where we can help you boss your budget! Our
products are effectively priced without compromising on quality. 

One-Stop Solution- Our range covers all your and your baby’s
small and big needs. Be it something as small as a bib to something as big as a
stroller or a wardrobe- we have it all! Our wide array of products lets us be
your constant companion through all the stages of parenthood!

Design Expertise- Polka Tots’ experienced designers know what
exactly the modern parents want and the secret to providing it in the most
aesthetically pleasing design. We bring together functionality, practicality,
and modern designs in each one of our products. Our efforts and style are
timeless and are at the forefront of all our products. We promise you’ll love
what you buy!

Here is what inspired our brand name- ‘Polka Tots’.

Our brand name comprises of two words clearly, which is, ‘Polka’ & ‘Dots’.

‘Polka’- This comes from ‘Polka Dots’ which is a shared love for almost all the women around the world. Our mind directly goes to Fashion, Love, Vibrancy and Colour when we hear ‘Polka Dots’.

‘Tots’- This word means Kids. So this word directly transfers us to New Borns, Babies, Childhood, Fun & Joy.

The colourful dots in our logo signify love, joy and the whole wide range of emotions a new set of parents experience when entering the most transformative phase of live- Parenthood.

So when brought together forms ‘Polka Tots’ - a brand that believes in stress-free parenting. We think of all the big things so that you can enjoy and cherish all the small treasures with your little angel!