Adjustable Hands free 3 in 1 baby carrier blue
baby carrier blue
3 in 1 baby carrier blue
baby carrier blue 3 in 1
adjustable 3 in 1 baby carrier
adjustable baby carrier 3 in 1 blue
baby carrier blue

Adjustable Hands-Free 3-In-1 baby carrier (Blue)

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Carrying Positions

  • Face in
  • Face out
  • Back facing-in

Key Features

  • Ā 3-in-1 Carrier -Ā You can carry your baby in three ways i.e. face-in, face-out, and back-facing-in position. The additional Position is the cradle position.
  • Premium Fabric -This baby carrier is crafted from premium-quality fabric.
  • Hardboard support -Ā Removable and adjustable PE hardboard support with air holes, for baby's head and neck.
  • Back buckle -Ā The backĀ buckle holds the shoulder straps together and comes with a cushion.
  • Side opening buckle -Ā The sideĀ opening buckle is adjustable.
  • Shoulder Straps -Ā Adjustable side shoulder straps with breathable mesh lining and soft cushioning.
  • Pockets -Ā Front pocket to hold necessary items.
  • Bib:Ā Comes with a detachable bib.

Ā Items included:

  • 3-in-1 Baby Carrier
  • Manual Book