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Hello Dear Parents ,

We believe you've come to the right place to find our finest  baby essentials, which are helpful, comfortable and premium for your baby at a reasonable price.

When we think of winter, the first product that comes to mind is a blanket. However, every parent wants the most comfortable and cozy blanket for their child.

baby wearing blue sheep organic cotton muslin blanket



We recommend our super soft two-layer blanket. Our blankets are made of organic muslin cotton, so it will provide the cozy & snuggle time to your little one & give your baby warm hug of love.

It has many benefits which are eye catching.

  • It can be used as travel blanket.
  • It can be used as cot blanket.
  • It can be used as a playmat for baby.
  • It is a dual layer.
  • It can be used as a stroller cover.

As well as being lightweight, warm and breathable, washable , incredibly soft and cosy against your baby's delicate skin.

With every wash, the muslin cotton will relax, making the blanket softer and not affecting the blanket's softness or the skin of your baby. This blanket will keep your newborn's face and skin smooth and soft.

However, you can also go with our Polka Tots kid Comforter , which is crafted from 100% polyester microfiber.

baby using two way reversible blue polyester comforter .

This kid Comforter baby blanket which is reversible in a two way design.

It is 60 x 40 inch , making perfect for your little one.

Whenever it comes to a blanket , it becomes a task for every parent to keep blanket dry and clean as it will effect on baby’s health . But , coming to this product you will be benefitted with both comfortable and safe.

As we have now talking about hygiene , we took care of wet blankets but it is as important as keeping an eye on wet beds. For that ,parents can go for a baby dry bedsheet which will protect beds from getting wet.

baby relaxing on dark blue polka tots dry bedsheet or bed protector.

Polka Tots Dry Sheet have many benefits :

  • Silky Smooth and Soft to the Touch.
  • Breathable and Noiseless Barrier.
  • Extremely Versatile.
  • It is reusable.


You guys reached till here!! So you might be interested to know more about our baby essentials. 

Now, to sum up bed sheet , blanket , playing mat etc in one product . We have muslin swaddle organic cotton, which works all in one to make task easier for our lovely parents.

baby using blue sheep printed polka tots muslin swaddle organic cotton.

This is the must product for newborns, that ever parent should use because it provides the snuggle to your little munchkin.

As it is super soft, anti allergic, made from premium organic cotton muslin, free from harmful chemicals, safe and most importantly can be used in different ways.

Now , what’s better than this?

There’s always an option between better and best . Advancing our Muslin swaddle organic cotton with two layered sleeping bag with two side zipper.

Now , last but not the least.

The every season basic need of a baby is diaper. Polka tots reusable cloth diapers are waterproof as well as adjustable.

It is Reusable and Comfortable Cloth Diaper.

  • Outer Layer of 100% Polyester, polyurethane coated Waterproof .
  • Inner Layer of Suede.

And all essential come with cute prints on them which are soothing to eyes.

Happy Parenting - Team Polka Tots 

Hope you enjoyed reading:)



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