When Should you start using a Baby Carrier?

When Should you start using a Baby Carrier?

You can start with the Baby Carrier from Day-One. You can take a baby carrier with you to the hospital and use it the day your baby is born. it’s important for babies to maintain a close connection with parents right from the start, and the parents can get the closeness by holding the baby in their arms. You should research for different baby carriers online and stores in markets. The caregivers should have knowledge of different baby carrying positions and when to use them. The baby’s weight, age and development stage will determine the perfect time to use the different baby carrier positions.

Following are the four different carrying judgments for babies based on their age:

  • Front inward-facing: 0+ months
  • Front outward-facing: 4-6+ months (Baby’s neck needs to be strong enough to hold up his head, so this could mean as early as 4 months or not until their 6 months old.)
  • Hip carry: 6+ months
  • Back carry: 6+ months

You should have the knowledge about baby carrier before using it for baby. You first need to get used to your baby carrier. If you are new to use it, you should do the practice for using the baby carrier before putting the baby in it. Practice taking it on and off, adjusting it and testing out the different positions. Check the Owner’s manual for the baby carrier and make sure that the baby meets the minimum weight requirement. 

Closeness to mom and dad is particularly important for a newborn baby, so carry your baby as much as possible in the early days.

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