The Birth of A Mother Feat Isha Dave - Polka Tots

The Birth of A Mother Feat Isha Dave - Polka Tots

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Birth of a mother Isha Dave carrying infant


So, it was my routine 5th month sonography and my baby was diagnosed with exogenic bowel - a symptom which could otherwise be normal unless 3 major pregnancy termination reasons had to be tested and eliminated. The three tests had there that of 8, 12 and 30 days respectively. While this was happening, my fetus was 6-month-old and now kicking! The heart wrecking feel that I had to anticipate positive results in the report and to reassure not only me but my baby in my womb that he is okay, fine and I would do everything in my capacity to not harm it just awaiting something that could have happened. It got worse as the last report took 42 days to come. But at that time, I realized that I have already birthed myself as a mother. I understood that the essence of motherhood was sending positive affirmations with me, my child and not damaging myself with the thought of what could have happened. That period assured me that everything is probable and possible . . . Even the good vibes that I gave to my womb. And finally, when everything came normal, in the 7th month of my pregnancy, I looked back and thanked myself for being strong and positive, not giving up on this fight! Only I could have done it as the baby was in me. That's when it struck me, I have to be strong, positive and happy as my baby depends on me! I couldn't reply on anyone to make me happy; I need to do it myself because my baby needs me! Thank you, my baby, for teaching me to be independent and self-motivated, affirmative! I am proud of us

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