The Beauty Of Motherhood - Polka Tots

The Beauty Of Motherhood - Polka Tots

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What is "Be A Supermom"? Be a Supermom is an initiative for mothers to support each other by sharing their knowledge and experience. The goal of this initiative is to create an online community where mothers can come together to share their stories, advice, and tips for being better moms. 

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Being a mother is one of the best experiences of life – I must have heard this at least a hundred times in my 24 years, Now my baby is 9 months old. however, I can now say for a fact that this is true. It is the best phase of my life. There is no word created yet to describe the feeling of becoming a mother. I guess it’s meant to be felt rather than limited with explanations and definitions. Even then I’ll try my best to translate this feeling into words. It’s beautiful. You feel this love for your child that no one but a mother can understand.

I am so thankful and grateful. I hope, you will be too. Now, I am happy to announce that I have teamed up with Polka Tots I don’t know how it’s going to tell but I am learning and my baby is my teacher. She is teaching me how to be a mother. Her bright smile in the morning after a sleepless night teaches me to be patient. Her innocence teaches me to be kind. Her tiny body teaches me how to nurture and just his being teaches me to love. I don’t remember being so grateful to God as I am right now. I smile too easily these days and tears flow equally fast. I understand another’s pain like my own and rejoice equally in their happiness. Maybe it’s the hormones wreaking havoc or maybe it’s the mother in me. I can’t quite explain it. Like I said before it can only be felt. Of course, there are struggles. My body aches from all the rocking, walking, and carrying. I feel tired and worrying has become second nature. Is he getting enough milk? She just sneezed, has she got the flu? Why is she not smiling today? Why is she not sleeping? Why is she sleeping so much? Such thoughts can drive anyone mad. However, all the singing that I am doing these days is keeping me sane. Creativity is at its peak. I’ve composed a lot of senseless songs and lullabies. I have also invented a lot of words mostly to be used in loud baby voices while making weird faces ?. This is what motherhood does to you. But the worries and the pain pale out when you find your little one smiling at you for no reason at all. I feel like I have found my purpose. Many of you might argue that a woman’s purpose is so much more and I agree. I am all for woman empowerment but being a mother just feels like what I was meant to be. I am sure many of you mommies out might be nodding your head in agreement. Now, I want to take care of myself, I watch my words and am more aware of how I behave because I don’t live just for myself but for a tiny person who looks up to me. This is what motherhood has made me. A new person. To the world, I have been given a new life but in reality, I have been given a new life.

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Happy Parenting,

By Polka Tots

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