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Motherhood Full Time Job


First of all, a big salute to all mamas because being a mommy is the toughest job but as well as motherhood is the most beautiful phase of every woman’s life.

My 9 months journey was very comfortable and very smooth. I didn't face any nausea and vomiting issues. All I had to do was only to gain weight because before pregnancy my weight was very low and at the time of delivery it was only 50 kg. I went through with a c- section delivery and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

My postpartum experience was very bad. I was alone with my baby. partially people were available there. It was very tough time for me and my husband. I remember those sleepless nights due to too much stress I was unable to sleep. I used to be extremely negative. I cut my self from all my social connections. My behavior was totally change. My husband helped me a lot he used to be calm down me made me stronger and made me realize that I should change the way I am think and the things will change itself. He helped me to find myself slowly I become a happy person. For this I love him so much & Thank you, Team Polka Tots

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Happy Parenting,

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