Motherhood- Ride Of A Roller-Coaster by Pooja Gada- Polka Tots

Motherhood- Ride Of A Roller-Coaster by Pooja Gada- Polka Tots

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Ride of a roller-coaster Mom kissing baby's hand

Hi mommies and each and every little cutie out there. My story of being mother was a roller coaster ride from the beginning. one day I just went for check up to gynecologists' so he said I can't be a mother as I have very low egg counts and I have to start my IVF treatment asap...or I have option of surrogacy or adoption.... but me and my husband waited for a while and by god's grace it all happened naturally and I conceived and I there I was pregnant. All my nine months went smoothly...I had my c-section as my cervix was not opening plus water fluid was dried up. I delivered a cute little angel. after 5 days we got to know my baby girl had we had emergency surgery and was admitted in NICU for 13 days...again by god's grace everything went well. So, from all this ups n downs of motherhood taught me that if our baby can bear their pain n sorrows, we all mother can because I was rushing for hospital day and night just to see her face that gave me strength and courage to fight the fear n forget all bad things happened. So, all mommies out there have faith because a strong mother can win any battle. Also, a big thank u to Polka tots to carry out this session because a mom can share out their feelings here without being judged.

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Happy Parenting,

By Polka Tots 

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