Motherhood - A Learning Process Blog by Kareena Polka Tots

Motherhood - A Learning Process Blog by Kareena Polka Tots

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Mom carrying a baby boy

When a child is born, the mother is also born, though she has never existed before. A mother is completely new. This journey of motherhood is a new one for me, and I have to say that I am both excited and afraid at the same time. Although I am not sure how it is going to turn out, I am learning and my baby is my teacher.

It is a learning process for me. In the morning, after a sleepless night, his bright smile encourages me to be patient. Seeing his innocence teaches me to be kind. I learn how to nurture him through his tiny body and I learn to love him from his sheer being. The amount of gratitude I am feeling now is something I have never felt before. 

My smiles and tears flow too easily these days. Having experienced pain, myself, I understand other people's pain and rejoice with them in their happiness.

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Happy Parenting,

By Polka Tots 

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