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Mom infant newborn baby mother

Having a child always makes me anxious. Fortunately, my husband was supportive and told me to wait two years. Due to the Pandemic, we both spent a lot of time working from home together and gained a better understanding of each other. My husband and I started planning for a child after two years of marriage. As a person who is usually anxious, I have taken tests almost every week since we started trying.

One day, I noticed a faint pink line. Thankfully, we did not have to wait long enough. It was hard to tell whether the line was dull or my eyesight was failing. My husband and I withheld our happiness until the doctor confirmed it. When the doctor told me it would mostly be positive, I couldn't control my excitement, but we still waited for test results, and I got a confirmation the next day. It has been the best week of my life, and the best thing about this is that I never imagined that I would be this happy. I felt very comfortable during my pregnancy. During that time, I was always jolly and cheerful. While I was pregnant, I did all exercises to prepare for a natural delivery. But fate had different plans, I was induced and in labor for 48 hours. My baby was around 2 kg and everybody expected the baby would come out soon but the baby decided to come the other way. I had tears rolling down my cheek when the doctor said it was time, we do a c- section as we reached the maximum dosage of medicine for pains. I was strong but not happy. We went into the OT, my husband accompanied us all along. The doctor asked me about expectations and I said baby girl (although I wanted a boy, I was sure it was not going to happen and my instinct told me it was a girl). They started operating on me and after a couple of minutes, the doctor said the baby boy and bought him closer to my face. I was overwhelmed with joy and I couldn't remember anything except the baby's nose. His breathing was rapid so they took him for a check-up and after some time my husband said he needs to be in NICU until the breathing normalizes. For some reason, I was not tensed, my gut told me he would be ok. They stitched me up and moved me to observation. After 4 hours, a nurse brought my baby all wrapped. I ask her to help me hold the baby and the closer I look at him, the more similar he is to me. His cooing sounds and his little and long fingers were so mesmerizing. He was 2.2 kg and I could see all the veins in his body and feel all the bones. He was very tiny. I was shivering (after the effect of anesthesia), nicer brought a warmer and the baby was right behind me. We both slept for straight 4 hours and that's the best sleep of my life.

My baby boy is now 5 months old, all healthy and happy. Tears roll down whenever he smiles at me and recognizes me. I just stare at him for hours when he is sleeping. Now I believe the words " a baby can change you". My husband now thinks of the other baby, but I still can't get over this one and will see if I will write about the other one.

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