Hospital Bag Checklist for Mothers - Polka Tots

Hospital Bag Checklist for Mothers - Polka Tots

Maternity bag for hospital checklist

Ideally, you should have a hospital bag prepared between weeks 32 and 35 of your pregnancy.

At the start of your third trimester, or around the 28-week mark, you should start packing. You should use this checklist to make sure you don't miss anything essential for the arrival of your new baby!

Maternity bag checklist hospital bag for moms to be

Diaper Bag: For every mother, a bag that holds all the maternity essentials is a must-have. It is important that a bag is spacious and large enough to hold all the necessary items.

Waterproof Diaper bag

Swaddle:  You should choose a cotton muslin swaddle  for your baby to ensure they have as much warm snuggle as possible. 

Swaddled newborn

Baby Rompers: Several sets of baby rompers made out of super soft cotton will be super gentle on your little one's skin & will help them look super cute.

Newborn Baby Romper Onesie

Washcloth: Muslin cotton washcloth should be used to wipe your baby. As children's skin is very delicate, make sure you use a washcloth that is soft and safe to use on them.

newborn wash cloth wipes

Car Seat: You can't hold your infant on your lap, so make sure they're safe & take them home in an infant car seat or a newborn car seat. Carry cots are highly recommended when carrying newborns.

Newborn Baby Car Seat

Cloth Diapers: Cloth diapers are ideal for a baby's sensitive skin. They wick moisture away from the skin and help prevent rashes.

baby in cloth diaper

We hope this blog will assist moms-to-be in packing their maternity bags.

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