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How Polka Tots Blogs & videos helped Kanu Pathaniya to become a Supermom ?

Be A Supermom - Cherishing Motherhood - An Initiative by Polka Tots 


What is "Be A Supermom"? Be a Supermom is an initiative for mothers to support each other by sharing their knowledge and experience. The goal of this initiative is to create an online community where mothers can come together to share their stories, advice, and tips for being better moms. 

 Mother Carrying Her Baby


Bearing a child is a very crucial stage for all mother's. It is a transition period as there are so many changes occurs in a female body both physiological and psychological. There are so many mothers who are very new to this journey with any guidance of respected elderly members. I'm the one of it too. The fact that I am responsible for both my job and household chores makes it extremely challenging for me to juggle so many tasks. Initially, this journey was smooth, but as I entered my second and third trimesters, I felt pressured internally and mentally. In order to release these burdens, With the recommendation of my family members, I began studying on Google and practicing yoga and meditation. I started to prepare myself for baby during mid of 7 month. I have zero knowledge so I started scrolling things and reached to Polka Tots blogs  and YouTube page of it to know things. I gain so many knowledge about how to swaddle a newborn child and what kind of diaper need to use. And how to keep baby warm. Seriously I really gained knowledge from it. Now I'm telling these little but compulsory knowledge to other newly mother's. Today I can proudly say that I became a supermom. A special thanks to Polka Tots and all my sisters who helped me achieve this goal.


This Blog content is provided by Kanu Pathania & we are very happy to share this blog with other mothers.

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