Beat the Heat: Ideas for Keeping Your Baby Cool This Summer


Let them wear cosy, comfy clothes: Dress your baby appropriately: Dress your baby in lightweight, breathable clothes that cover their arms and legs. A sun hat and sunglasses can also help protect your baby from the sun's harmful rays if you are going out with your baby. 

Baby in Kurta Pajama

Summer Nap in Cozy Swaddles & Blankets: Use a blanket or swaddle during naps and bedtime: Even during summer, it's important to keep your baby cozy and comfortable during naps and bedtime. A lightweight blanket or swaddle can help your baby feel secure and comfortable while sleeping.

Keep Baby Hydrated: In hot weather, it’s important to keep your baby hydrated. Offer your baby plenty of breast milk formula, and make sure to carry a bottle of water with you when you are out & about. 

Go on a ride with a baby umbrella stroller: Use a baby stroller for a comfortable evening outing with your little one.

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