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7 Tips to Take Care of Your Little One This Monsoon Season

Caretaking a new-born can be tricky and challenging at the same time. Several factors must be considered, such as lifestyle, travel arrangements, weather conditions, surroundings, etc. Change of season is the most important thing that one should consider. 

Here we are sharing some useful tips for you so you can apply them in monsoon. Monsoon is a season of cold & wet atmosphere so you need to take care of your little ones.

Monsoon care tips for baby


Monsoon is a time of year when your baby's immunity is very weak and they come in contact with a lot of bacteria & viruses, so taking extra precautions during this period of the year becomes extremely important. The following tips will help you and your little one stay safe and have fun during this rainy season.

1. Take care of baby’s Hygiene

In order to care for your baby properly, hygienic practices are paramount. Due to monsoons' humidity, babies can sometimes get cranky and fussy. Make sure that your child stays clean and dry by sponging or bathing them regularly. Check the folds of their skin and joints cautiously for any wetness or itching. You can use baby wipes if the baby sweats a lot to keep baby dry and refreshed. If you have been outside, wash or sanitize your hands before holding your little one. 

2. Wear Them Comfy Clothes

Dress your baby appropriately during the rainy season. You should ensure that your baby's clothing changes with the changes in climatic conditions. Children should wear clothes that are soft and weightless. You should wrap your baby properly to keep them safe against the ever-changing temperature fluctuations during monsoon. Cotton clothes are the best during the monsoon.

3. Diaper Breaks are Must

Your baby's skin needs to breathe freely during diaper breaks. Wearing diapers for a longer duration can lead to skin rashes & infections. Whenever you change your baby's diaper, use baby wipes to clean the intimate areas. Make sure to use dry sheet baby mats for your baby's crib, stroller, and diaper changing station to keep them protected.

4. Healthy Food & Clean Water

creases the growth of bacteria leading to contamination of both food and water. You should boil your baby’s drinking water & give them healthy food.

5. Keep your home clean

When there is so much humidity, stagnant water, mosquitoes, and flies around your home, it is a challenge to keep everything clean. To avoid germs and bacteria from growing, wipe the floors regularly with baby-friendly disinfectant wipes. House plants shouldn't have stagnant water in them as mosquitoes love that. 

6. Use Cosy Cotton Blanket

When your baby sleeping or taking rest ensure your baby is cover by our two-layer baby blanket which is crafted from muslin cotton it will help your baby sleep comfortably & keep your baby warm.   

7. Maintaining A Distance from The Mosquitoes

During the monsoon, the mosquito population increases in the large numbers, increasing the threats of malaria, dengue etc. Mosquito bites can be quite painful & can leave a red swelling on your little munchkin. Ensure that their crib has mosquito net covering it at all times. To prevent mosquitoes & flies from entering, doors & windows should always be closed or covered with mesh.

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